Thursday, January 15, 2009

Selangor Tawar Biasiswa RM2 Juta

Harian Metro melaporkan bahawa kerajaan negeri Selangor pimpinan YB Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim telah menawarkan biasiswa berjumlah RM2juta setahun kepada para pemain bolasepak negeri Selangor. Tawaran ini meliputi pemain-pemain dari pasukan utama, pelapis mahupun akademi. Kakibola berasakan inilah caranya untuk memotivasikan para penggiat sukan khususnya bolasepak untuk terus memberikan yang terbaik. Setidak-tidaknya mereka tahu bahawa aspek kebajikan mereka semasa dan selepas mewakili negeri tidak terabai.
Berapa lama sangat mereka mampu untuk bermain mewakili negeri dalam bolasepak ni? Kalau tanpa kecederaan, insyaAllah mereka dapat beraksi paling lama 10 tahun itu pun pada usia mereka 30 tahun. Selepas dari itu, apa yang mampu mereka buat untuk menanggung perbelanjaan seharian peribadi dan keluarga? Tahniah kepada kerajaan negeri Selangor yang memulakan langkah yang baik dan seharusnya dicontohi oleh negeri-negeri lain. Jangan hanya nakkan keputusan sahaja tapi mengabaikan kebajikan para pemain. Apapun, sukan-sukan lain jangan lah pulak diabaikan, jenguk-jenguk sama keperluan mereka. Wallahualam.

Finally MU Will Come To Malaysia

Congratulations to all who had a hand in bringing Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) to Malaysia. Definitely they will be the happiest persons for all the hardwork done and will be reaping the 'rewards' from all the football fans especially MUFC supporters in Malaysia and probably Singapore and Brunei too. BUT...the question is what benefit does the Malaysian footballers gain from their trip?
New Straits Time reported today that Manchester United FC is scheduled to play a match in Malaysia on July 26th 2009. The public knows that the promoter will have to pay the club in order to get them here. They don't come cheap and we talk about RMmillions going to be spent to bring them here for HOLIDAY, although FAM nor the Malaysian government is involved in paying them. My main argument here is the benefit Malaysian footballers will gain. Its going to be merely an exhibition match and they will DEFINITELY not have their best players when they step into the Shah Alam Stadium or the Bukit Jalil National Stadium. WHY? Because Kuala Lumpur is their last stop after their hectic and exhausting schedule after playing China, Korea and Indonesia. Why Malaysia is again the last country hosting their trip? Simply because the Malaysian team doesn't have the right quality and strength to play against the tired team of Sir Alex Ferguson and that wouldn't give much trouble to their reputation. I'm not belittling our national heros but its the fact that I'm talking about. The only parties that would be happy to see the team is the MUFC fans and be prepared for our boys (Malaysian players) to be boooeed and jeered by our own Malaysians. Bet me.
To FAM, never allow our team to be humiliated by our own fans, playing against a team that comes for holiday and vacation. Some might disagree with what I said and the FAM must say that it's the best EXPOSURE for the national players but to me its all about pride and humiliation. During this time, several M-League matches will be postponed just to allowed the "circus" to be held here at the National Stadium.
Sorry to all the MUFC fans for my negative remarks over their trip here to Malaysia.